Natuzzi Alberobello Light Festival


FEEL [the] LIGHT: Natuzzi sets up an area of design and relaxation at the Alberobello Light Festival

Natuzzi is the main sponsor of the first international edition of the “Alberobello Light Festival”, one of the many events that animates the Apulia region during summer.

From 23 to 31 July 2016, the Trulli in Alberobello, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, light up for the summer edition of the Festival. This edition will be dedicated to the ‘Visions' of each featured artist around the themes of light and light art. These visions will be shaped through projection mapping techniques, even on the iconic Trulli.

Natuzzi participates with the installation FEEL [the] LIGHT, hosting “Clouds”, the artwork of the “new media artist” Tilen Sepič: his work in light design objects and installations is currently focused on how the artificial light affects the brain, changing the mood, experience and productivity, the same way natural light does.

Situated on the Belvedere, the highest point of Alberobello overlooking the enchanting and timeless Trulli area, the installation is an authentic “portion of sky”, suspended between Sepič's clouds and the evocative backdrops of the conical roofs, a magical and poetical place set up by Natuzzi in the heart of Apulia, homeland and inspiring muse of the brand.

The FEEL [the] LIGHT area is an invitation to relax, to abandon yourself to the first high performance reclining chair ever presented, a unique feeling of lightness that is amplified by the exceptional location and from the union with “the clouds” artist. In the evening, when the clouds of Sepič illuminate the Belvedere, the installation merges with the artist's work, creating a wonderful harmony that cannot be missed thanks to Re-vive reclining chair.

The Natuzzi area is also a unique occasion to take wonderful photos. Visitors, in fact, can take pictures and have their pictures taken on the Re-vive chairs, suspended between the Apulian sky and the conical roofs in Alberobello. Natuzzi's Facebook and Instagram official pages will collect all pictures throughout the duration of the Festival.



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