NAtuzzi Italia Shanghai


Natuzzi throws an outstanding party for the new Natuzzi Italia store in Shanghai

Natuzzi celebrates the opening of its 5th store in Shanghai throwing an outstanding “Italian style” party in the heart of the most populous city in China. More than 200 selected guests took part in the celebration of the very authentic design by Natuzzi - a wonderful night full of surprises and exciting news for the Chinese consumers.

Situated inside the exclusive Wending furniture mall, the new 582 sq m store boasts the new Natuzzi Italia store concept and showcases all novelties launched at Salone del Mobile 2016. The party was also the occasion to introduce the improved Natuzzi Italia “Total Living” collection to consumers and to drive people inside the Apulian way of living for a night through live music, artistic performances, food and the exciting “gelato” experience.

The new Natuzzi Italia point of sale, the 43rd in the whole China, aims at becoming another point of reference to inspire architects, interior decorators and design enthusiasts in Shanghai. Natuzzi relies on a simple yet incisive strategy to prove itself as the perfect choice for interior design projects: a large selection of beautiful Italian-made furniture to donate harmony to any living together with an exclusive free consultation service to create comprehensive and customized solutions for houses.

Natuzzi Italia Wending Store
A107&207, No.258,
Wending Road, Wending Living style plaza,



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