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London Design Festival 2019: for the first time Ergo Collection, winner of Red Dot Award

The bedroom collection - designed by Ross Lovegrove - will be shown in Totthenam Court Road store

LONDON. Natuzzi Italia will be debuting Ergo, the bedroom collection designed by Ross Lovegrove, for the first time in UK during London Design Festival 2019. The collection will be showcased in Tottenham Court Road store, the first Natuzzi Augmented store in UK: a new space in the store in which the visitors boast services personalised and an excellent one-to-one customer experience thanks to the harmony between mixed reality and physical retail.


Ergo represents the brand’s evolutionary journey. The best example about the brand’s new vision led by Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, on the occasion of the brand’s 60th anniversary.


Recognising the seamless fusion of excellent design and distinct aesthetics, the collection has won the prestigious Red Dot Award – Design Concept 2019 under the Furniture category. Established in 1954, the Red Dot Award is considered as one of the most sought-after seals of quality for outstanding design, appraising the best products created every year by the design community from across the world.


Ergo collection includes a bed, chaise-longue, chandelier, valet stand, chest of drawers, floor lamp, rug and mirror. The fornitures boast FSC®-certified wood from sustainably-managed forests adhering to strict environmental, social and economic standards.


Its components interlock seamlessly, so that each piece can be put together with no need for metal parts or screws. The water-based adhesives used are formaldehyde-free. All finishes are made with natural wax. The only metal used is aluminium, an endlessly recyclable material. The textile fibres used for the upholstery are organic – linen, wool and cotton. The mattress is in 100% natural latex and the light bulbs used are low energy consumption LEDs.


Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, Creative Director and Stylist says: "We want to celebrate our 60th Anniversary using our origins as a starting point to look into the future. Natuzzi has a strong bond with its homeland and its extraordinary resources. This feeling inspires us and encourages us to look at nature and this is further translated into our organic design and ethical production. The Red Dot Award for Design Concept is a prestigious distinction, a recognition of Natuzzi's evolving design path and dedication to keep the environmental impact to a minimum, in terms of both choice of materials and energy consumptions."



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